The Mastermind-Team

Dr. Peter Köppl M.A.

CEO/Managing Director 

Mastermind Public Affairs Consulting was founded by Peter Köppl, one of Austria’s leading public affairs. He has worked as a journalist, PR-consultant, spokesperson and lobbying-manager in companies, trade associations and consulting firms.

Peter Köppl graduated from the University of Vienna with a Ph.D. in mass communication and political sciences and is a certified PR-consultant as well as from the Graduate School of Political Management in Washington, D.C. specializing in lobbying & public affairs. He also visited the Executive Program “Strategy Beyond Markets” at the Stanford Business School. Peter Köppl is the President of the Austrian Public Affairs Association and a member of the ” strategic community”, he is lecturing at universities and conferences.

Christina Scheifinger, Bakk. phil.

CEO/Managing Director

After having graduated from a business school with A-levels in her Austrian home province of Styria, she worked for a human resources development company, a law firm, a public affairs consultancy and in media-production.

She studied at the University of Vienna’s department of mass communication and is a dedicated swimmer and diver. Christina Scheifinger speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Mag. Martin Stradal-Angelo

Senior Advisor

Martin Stradal, Senior Consultant at Mastermind, gained hands-on experience in public affairs and lobbying at the Vienna based public affairs consulting firm Kovar & Köppl.  Previously, he acted as spokesperson and Head of Public Relations at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. From 2004 to 2006 he got insights in political campaigning and communication working for the Austrian Federal Government.

During the Austrian EU Presidency in 2006 Martin Stradal was part of the press relations team at the Federal Chancellery. Martin Stradal holds a Masters in Commercial Science. In his spare time he loves to play the drums and volleyball. He is father of two children.

Bernhard Zink-Spiel M.A. M.A.

Senior Consultant

After several years of working in the insurance sector, the trained insurance salesman studied Political Science with focus on Governance and Administration, Political Communication and EU policy-making at the University of Vienna and additionally specialized himself in Public Affairs during a post-graduate master´s program at the University of Vienna as well.

During his studies, he worked for the Austrian Embassy in Berlin in the field of political- & public relations as well as for an international Company in Corporate Affairs. Since 2015 at Mastermind, the native Styrian and father of two is supporting clients from several business areas and industries.

Katharina Lebenbauer, MA

Policy Analyst

The native Styrian has professional experience in the field of corporate communications in an international group. She graduated with a bachelor”s degree in business consulting, specializing in human resources management and corporate accounting. Building on this, she completed her master”s degree in communications management, specializing in digital public affairs.

Katharina Lebenbauer likes to spend her free time with sporting challenges in the nature

Nico Stella, MIM

Senior Consultant

After several years in the public affairs sector, the Vienna native joined the Mastermind team as a consultant in 2019. His studies – political science and management in Vienna & Salzburg – prepared him for working at the intersection between politics and business.

During his stays abroad in London, St. Gallen, Brussels and the USA, he has acquired perspectives beyond the Austrian horizon. Apart from work, he is passionate about hiking and skiing in the mountains and travelling the world.